Choosing the Right Font:

A Typography Guide by Actuate Print

Typography, the art of selecting the perfect font, carries more weight than many realize. With its ability to convey messages, stir emotions, and determine readability, a font can profoundly shape a design’s impact.

The Importance of Font Choice in Printing

  1. First Impressions Last: Your font sets the immediate tone for your print material. It could evoke elegance, fun, professionalism, or a unique quirkiness.
  2. Readability Above All: The main goal of text is to communicate. If the font challenges readability, the essence of the message gets lost.
  3. Consistency Builds Brand: A consistent font choice across print materials reinforces your brand identity, fostering recognition and trust.

Guidelines for Selecting the Perfect Font

  1. Know Your Audience: A whimsical font suited for a children’s book might look out of place in a corporate brochure. Always tailor your font choice to your target demographic.
  2. Simplicity is the Key: Using multiple fonts might seem appealing but can lead to visual confusion. Aim to use 2-3 fonts: one for headlines, another for subheadings, and possibly a third for body text.
  3. Play with Contrast: If using multiple fonts, ensure they contrast effectively. A common strategy involves pairing a sans-serif font for headings with a serif for body text.
  4. Steer Clear of Passing Trends: While it’s beneficial to be aware of design trends, choose fonts with longevity over fleeting popularity.
  5. Limit Decorative Fonts: Such fonts might be enticing, but they often come at the expense of readability. They’re best reserved for specific highlights and not extended text.
  6. Mind the Medium: A font that’s legible on a business card might not be on a large poster. Always factor in the medium and viewing distance.

Popular Font Categories & Their Uses

  • Serif: Known for the small lines attached to letters. These are great for longer printed materials due to their enhanced readability.
  • Sans-serif: These lack the extensions that serif fonts boast. With a modern flair, they’re versatile for headlines and other print materials.
  • Script: These mimic cursive or handwriting. Ideal for personalized materials like invitations but should be used judiciously.
  • Decorative/Display: These are the showstoppers, meant for attention-grabbing headlines or logos.


Typography transcends being mere letters on a material; it’s a potent design tool. Proper font selection, rooted in understanding and intent, can amplify your print’s appeal manifold. At Actuate Print, we champion the cause of impeccable print designs, and we believe that the right font is often the starting point. Let’s craft print stories that captivate!