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Create impressive postcards with minimum effort

  • Size options: 3″ x 5″, 4” x 6”, 5″x5″,  5” x 7”, 5.5″ x 8.5″ and 8.5″ x 11″
  • Single or Double sided
  • Laminate: Matte, Gloss, and Soft Touch
  • Hole punch ( please indicate where you would like the hole punch in your design, allow enough room in your design to have a hole punched. If using our design platform, please use a black circle for area that you would like hole punched)

Trying to attract new clients? Want to create a friendly reminder of your services to existing customers? A well-designed postcard can go a long way! These small cards can bring big results for your branding and marketing. They are perfect for business promotions, party invitations, donation solicitations, sales announcements, and everything between.

Postcards work. At Actuate Print we make them work even harder. Our easy-to-use design interface makes online postcard design and printing quick and effortless. Once you’ve found your message, you are just two (2) steps away from getting your postcards delivered. Ready to start creating?

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