Experience portability and professionalism with Actuate Print’s roll-up banners. Designed for effortless setup and transport, these banners make an impactful statement wherever they stand. Crafted with high-resolution printing, every image and message is rendered with sharp clarity and vibrant colors. The sturdy base ensures stability, while the retractable design offers convenience, making it an ideal choice for trade shows, presentations, or promotional events. With Actuate Print, you’re choosing a banner that merges functionality with visual excellence, ensuring your brand or message always takes center stage.

Stand-up Retractable  33.5″x 78.75″ Banner

You can’t go to your next tradeshow without one of these. Comes with a carry bag.

Note: Always leave a 4″ safety margin at the bottom and 3″ margin at the top for any text or graphics. Non-essential graphics can be full bleed.